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What software does your business need?

You are trying to run your business and make the right decisions. You know a bit about tech but just enough to get in trouble…

  • You wish this software could talk to that software…
  • You spend way too much time on ___…
  • Is there software that does ___…

Meet with me for two hours to look at your business processes and software tools and determine if you should integrate some software you already have, BUY something new, or BUILD custom software for your  or your industry’s unique needs.

Should You Build or Buy Software Now?

The Build or Buy Strategy Session 

First you need to answer the question: What might be slowing your down, getting in your way or blocking you in your company? A Strategy Session conference will answer this question and a bunch more. It’s worth $997 to answer this question and know the first steps to take.

With a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee you can’t go wrong.

Discover Design Build

(Build) Custom Development

If we determine it is the right time, we will guide you through the software discovery, design and build process to build the right software so your company runs itself.

Integrated Software Icon

(BUY) existing Software tools

You need the right software in the right places for your company process to flow, reduce menial tasks, and work with you and the other software in your systems. Is it time to buy a new one? We will answer that.

Connected Software System

(Integrate) coordinate software

You have the right software but it just needs to work together better. Should we integrate them? We will deal with this!

Roadmap and Strategy Icon

Roadmap & Strategy

You’re making money, you have a business process and a team, you know there are bottlenecks but you don’t know where to start. Let’s fix that!

Build or Buy?

Sign up for a Strategy Session now!

Already Know You Want to Build Software?

Head over to our parent site and look at our Discover Design Build software development process.